Download this POWERFUL "Meet-Up" One Class Session to use in conjunction with any full moon for Motivation and Powerful Abundance Focus. $50 

Do you start and stop projects? Do you get started with new ideas, New Years' resolutions, great plans to achieve your dreams, but then soon find yourself dropping the ball? Do you seem to lose steam, lose your will to succeed, and then find yourself falling back into old habits and patterns? This is a common scenario for so many people, and it has a lot to do with the fear of success, the fear of failure, and mis-aligned objectives. Join Liana for a power session that can help you shift your motivation mindset, so you can stay steady and consistent in your daily, weekly and monthly plans to create your ideal life.  The best ideas in the world go nowhere if you can't keep yourself DOING the things required to achieve your goals. Change that with this SUPERMOON power session.