People often ask me, “How can past life regression journeys help me?  I have enough to deal with in this life.”

The short answer is:  you’re affected by your past lives whether you’re aware of it or not.  Past life experiences create the dominant patterns in your present life.  Past Life Regression Journeys are a direct way to access the origins of these patterns and heal present-life issues. You are not born as a blank slate written upon only by early experiences and heredity, as conventional science would have us believe.  You are so much more.

You come into this life as a soul impressed with the wisdom and wounds from many other lifetimes.  These impressions are encoded in an “energetic template” that informs your present personality, physical body, and some external circumstances in your life.  This template also carries the emotional charges from unresolved traumatic experiences from previous lives, and the plans and blueprints for the present life.

Evidence from Children

How do we know this?  Perhaps the strongest evidence for the continuation of a personal consciousness from life to life is the spontaneous past life memories of children. Hundreds of cases have been verified in which a very young child speaks in so much detail about a past life that their former identity can be matched to a specific person who died before the child was born.  And when the past and present personalities are compared, we see that specific personality traits—emotions, attitudes, abilities, relationships, and even physical symptoms—carry forward from one life to another. Children who remember dying violently often express strong emotions—fear, sadness, anger, guilt—appropriate to the circumstances of their past life deaths.   

The children’s cases show more than just the correspondence in personality and behavior.  In the cases where the traumatic past life memory was acknowledged and processed with the child as it came up spontaneously, the negative feelings and thoughts from the trauma were released.  These children were able to let go of the heavy emotional baggage they carried into this life.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to have your past life experiences resolved as a child, then feelings, thoughts, and even physical symptoms stemming from past life trauma can carry forward into adulthood and continue to affect you unconsciously as recurring, dominant patterns in your life.  This is where past life therapy can help.

For example, if you died feeling abandoned in a previous life, your energetic template is charged with feelings of abandonment.  You may come into this life and have separation anxiety as a baby, or you may experience the early loss of a parent.  These early experiences mirror unresolved past life themes. The accompanying feelings of sadness, rejection, and feeling unloved are triggered and can continue into adulthood, affecting your relationships with other people.

Back Beyond Childhood

If you become aware of this core pattern of abandonment as an adult, through traditional therapy or self- reflection, you can trace it back to experiences in childhood.  But that may not be going back far enough.  You need to go further into the unconscious to access the past-life back-story—the original event in a previous life that set this pattern in motion.  With the help of a shaman as your guide, you “re-live” the past life story, you understand the full context of that life, and you recall the thoughts and feelings that got frozen in the past life trauma, usually at the time of death.  That’s where the pattern originated. The process of remembering defuses the energy around the pattern.  You finally release these old thoughts and feelings.  You feel lighter.  You are lighter.

The shaman guides you to see the bigger picture, too: to understand why you were born into your present family and circumstances, and to realize that you brought this pattern with you into this life—it’s a pre-existing condition of your soul.  With these insights, you understand your purpose and what you came here to learn.

It’s possible to get spontaneous glimpses of past lives in dreams, through meditation, or in waking visions.  But a glimpse is not enough to resolve such deep-seated patterns.  To get results, you need to work with a compassionate shaman who can help you navigate the past-life territory of your subconscious mind. Once you truly understand yourself at the deepest levels of your being—as a soul who brought a rich history into this life—you can move on to live more fully and creatively in the present, gleaning the lessons of many lifetimes.