Today's Shaman Oracle is the beautiful yellow canary. Canary is coming to you today to help you access your heart voice. The resonance of sound in your voice, whether singing or spoken word, carries vibrations out into the energy fields around you and the universe. Our voice can come either from the mind energy or the heart energy. Most of the time, and in most situations, people are speaking from the mind energy.

Sound is the creative force of the universe, as all of life manifested into the 3D from sound, so when we speak or sing from the mind voice we are creating more ego based structures in our world. We see clear evidence of this all around us. But when we are able to tap into our heart energy and speak or sing with heart resonance, we are manifesting with Divine energy and power in the world around us.

You will be amazed at the major transformations you will see in your world around you when you switch from mind speaking to heart speaking. 

The canary spirit animal relates directly to your throat and heart chakras and today is giving you encouragement to work with your vocal expression. Canary is offering you help so that you can practice speaking or singing out loud while connecting to your heart space. When you focus your intention on your heart chakra and visualize the canary and her power, you can feel the power that will move through you.

Since we are in conversations often throughout our day, constantly creating the world around us without even realizing it, this message from the canary is such a vital message right now. At this time so many people are living in a reactionary place, full of fear, scarcity, distrust, anger and worry. When you begin to move your voice from mind energy to heart energy, the things around you change. Speak from your heart, access your true heart voice, allow the energy to flow up from your heart into your throat BEFORE vocalizing anything - that way you will not ever be speaking from a reactionary or mind space. Call om canary today and all days to come when you need assistance connecting to the voice of your heart. <3 LIana