Today's Shaman Medicine Oracle message from the earth comes to us from the Celestite crystal. This messenger came to me in meditation today, and I went in search of my celestite geode. I held it in my hands for a few minutes to receive the message meant for everyone today.

Celestite is known as a consciousness raising crystal that can help us connect with our own light, and to gain clarity in our meditations. It is also a great crystal for purifying and cleansing your environment, especially if used along with burning vetiver or sage sticks. It is a beautiful stone to use if you are a writer or speaker, because it works on the crown chakra as well as the throat chakra. So, if you are holding the stone while meditating or journeying, focusing your energy on your throat and crown chakras, you will have a much easier time gaining clarity of both thought and speech. The energies of celestite truly help you separate the non-essential from the essential. 

There are many uses and ways to work with celestite as a guide, however today's specific message for you is to stop, take a deep breath, and connect with your crown chakra. Focus on energy streaming in from the causal plane, pure white light, beaming in to your crown to burn up and clear out anything that is "cluttering" your true spiritual connection. Focus intently on the purity of Christ Consciousness and ask that any disharmonious vibrations be removed from your crown chakra, and to sweep out any debris. This is important. Just like the floors at home collect dust and dirt, and thus, must be cleaned on a regular basis, so must your chakras. When you go about your day, especially if you are not engaging in regular energy practices to keep your boundaries sealed and tight, you will collect "dust" and "debris" from the energies of others around you - both seen and unseen.

This is an incredibly important time to focus on remaining clear, clean and cleansed of psychic, emotional, and energetic debris. You do not want anything clouding your vision. There are many energies trying to pull you from your spiritual path, your path to ascension, and away from total and unconditional self-love. Celestite is your friend and your messenger today. If you have a small piece at home, I highly recommend using it. If you do not, of course you could always get one, but you can also look at the photo I posted and concentrate intently on asking for support and help from this beautiful crystal. Have a beautiful day. <3 Liana