Octopuses are among the most clever and intelligent creatures in the animal world. They possess a remarkably well-developed brain and nervous system, and they have extraordinary vision. Octopuses can distinguish different colors by their light sensitivities. Their eyes can also adapt to rapid changes in light as they move from deeper depths to the surface.

Octopuses are invertebrates, meaning that they do not have a structured spinal column. As a result, they are able to slip in and out of very tight places, literally disappearing from sight as though by magic. Their remarkable fluidity of motion is symbolic of agility, grace and flexibility. Octopus teaches us that we may move towards our goals in unorthodox ways to achieve our desired (or better) results. She also reminds us to loosen up, relax, and go with the flow.

The octopus can detach any of her 8 limbs at will to distract predators. Like the octopus, we have the ability to release distractions, emotional baggage, or old patterns from our lives. We can lighten our load and free our energy to use in exciting, productive ways to achieve our highest good.

The octopus is able to regenerate her discarded limbs. This ability reminds us that even as we release old ways of being from our lives, our essence is never lost to us. Our experiences give shape to our personality as we proceed along our path in life. We are the sum of our experiences, including those parts we decide to consciously set aside. We achieve a greater state of health and wholeness by accepting all aspects of ourselves as we implement newly refined ways of being.



Today's Shaman Oracle is the Heron, who brings to us the message of being connected wherever we are, in the present moment. Heron teaches us to be comfortable in a multitude of spaces and places, allowing us to make very smooth and easy transitions throughout life. There is a concept known as liminality, which is derived from the Latin word limen and means "a threshold". Liminality is the "quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of rituals, when participants no longer hold their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the status they will hold when the ritual is complete". In the context of today's message, heron is here to help us be fully anchored and present in the place we are in right now, even if we are in transition (which many people are) and even if we are at a threshold. 

Often during transitions we become restless and focus so much on the future.  When you call on the energy of the heron, you will be given guidance as to how to be present wherever you are in this moment. The beautiful and calming energy of the heron helps you find comfort in spaces that are the in-betweens. The heron itself hunts during the twilight, often with one foot on water and one foot on land, clearly symbolic of the transition between night and day.

Heron reminds us that we are ALWAYS home because no matter where we are or what phase of our lives we are in, it is exactly where we need to be in this moment. Once we truly understand this, we are overcome with a tremendous peace and tranquility no matter where we are on our journey. 



The lion, as we all know, is the King of the Jungle and is assured of its own power. The reason white lion is coming to us today as a powerful animal totem is because he is letting us know that it is time to release the anger that has been bottled up since childhood. When we are children, especially in the first seven years of our lives, we are confronted with many situations that force us to be quiet, sit still, ignore our own desires, ignore our own truth, ignore and repress our emotions. Most children learn quickly that if they express anger, one or both parents will be upset. For many children expressing anger means reprimand or even physical violence in the form of spanking from the adults around them.

Over time, this constant repression by parents and other adults around us, forces the authentic self to go into hiding. By the time we reach adulthood, we are fully "broken" - like a lion in a circus - to keep our authentic self hidden and to instead live our lives full of pretense, making sure we go along with the adult program. In the fake adult world, we are all just children in adult bodies. We still have the same desire for joy, fun, play and deep authenticity...but rarely if ever does it emerge. So as a result, anger builds up. But the thing is, the anger isn't really safe as an adult either. But it doesn't leave just because we ignore it. It festers, it creates distortions in our DNA, and in our energy body.

The first major step in unearthing and reclaiming your authentic self is to release the hidden and repressed anger that you have been in denial about. The anger you may not even realize is there. Tap into it by breathing deep, take yourself back to early childhood, and recall instances where you were told that your ideas were silly, that you needed to be "serious", that you needed to "behave" and that you needed to do something else that an unhealed adult told you to do. It is so important to realize that the majority of adults raising children (including the ones that raised you) were not fully healed, and thus the parenting was through the lens of their own wounds. You do have the power to clear that imprinting now, and white lion is here to help you. Call on the energy of the white lion to assist you in this process, and you will feel the calming powerful presence he brings. <3 Liana 


Today's Shaman Oracle is the amazing frog. I have always had a liking for frogs ever since I was a little girl. I remember just watching the pond with tadpoles, soon becoming frogs, their metamorphosis totally fascinating me. Metamorphosis has been a huge theme for many people in my groups lately, as they have been doing a lot of healing work and it is now their time to move into their "new form". I recently completed a painting for a friend called "Metamorphose", and today, in my creative flow, a frog appeared on my large unicorn canvas that I started back in May. (Work in Progress in photo above :) )  I wondered why there was delay in continuing on with that painting at that time, and now it is crystal clear. During the process of metamorphosis timing is everything. During the process of metamorphosis, the frog (and the human) is at its most vulnerable. Most of the changes are happening beneath the surface and then one day, sometimes without even realizing it, you are NEW. 

Last week I finished another round of Life Path Manifesting with a group of truly great women, a program that has been running for over two years now! It has led to the most profound changes in my own life, but also in many of the lives of those who participate in the program. I have seen so many transformations over the past two years, transformations that required commitment to self love, joy and authenticity.  I have seen people tap deep into their wounds, focus on healing them, remove layers of conditioning from society, schooling, and limiting beliefs, and fully blossom into their truth. These amazing women have courageously stepped away from soul-sucking jobs, passionless, stifling and oppressive relationships, and self-harming behaviors that they had been destroying their spirit with for a long time. 

During that process things can be messy. To an outsider, they may perceive that things have gone downhill. That is because to an outsider who themselves is stuck in homeostasis, status quo, fearful of transforming themselves, they see the falling apart as a threat. They see the crumbling of the "old person" as a disaster. They don't have the vision to see that there is always a cleansing, a detoxing, a clearing of negative paradigms, beliefs, habits, and energy that proceeds any metamorphosis. And that is the reason why for some people, metamorphosis never happens in a lifetime. 

Not all tadpoles make it to their higher selves, and they die, as tadpoles. 

In the frog's process it begins as an egg that quickly develops into a tadpole. Tadpoles live entirely under water. At some point a hormone in the tadpole’s thyroid gland initiates metamorphosis. So if you think of yourself, the tadpole stage is where you are underwater. You are NOT your highest form yet (clearly) you are underneath the water with all of the other tadpoles. To an outsider this may seem ideal. You are safe. You can live under water. Why on earth would you want to change that?

Over about a 24 hour period the tadpole develops into a frog. This is a massive shift because every single organ has to change so that the tadpole can go from living underwater to living on land as an adult frog. Think about that - EVERY. SINGLE. ORGAN. Changed. This is a stage that as a human, you would be undergoing serious deep wound work, shadow work, and clearing away the heaviest parts of your past that you have carried for eons. Releasing and cleansing, clearing up the lenses of perception, walking away from old dogma, old patterns, old friend groups that are stuck in lower vibrations. This period is heavy.

Next, the frog develops hind legs followed by front legs, as the tail begins to disappear. The skull made of cartilage as a tadpole, begins to get replaced by actual bone. This is the phase as a human, where you start to get a feel for your new legs, your new mindset, your new potential future. You are not there yet. It is still a little scary. You are not sure if it is too late to go back to being a tadpole. Not that you really want to, you just feel out at sea without direction. But you are getting there. 

The tadpole is then a froglet, and the gills have disappeared. Imagine yourself at the froglet stage, if your tadpole friends see your gills totally gone, what will they think? They will be scared for you, but more important, they will be scared for themselves. You are no longer the you that they have come to feel comfortable with. They can't control you or your process, and they wonder, what will happen to me? They see that the gills that allowed you to live underwater are gone, so they assume you won't be able to breathe. But what they can't see from their limited viewpoint is that underneath it all, lungs have been developing. Powerful lungs that will enable you to breathe air and walk out onto land to live as your full adult self. They see that your teeth, used to tear up plants, are also now gone. They fear you will starve. But what they don't see is that strong tongue muscles are developing that will make bug catching effortless. Those tadpoles themselves have had moments of deep heart messages from the universe, cuing them in to KNOW that many of the things in their lives are inconsistent with their authentic self. But they would rather die a tadpole.

So when frog appeared today on the canvas, I tuned in deeply to its message for us all, and I understood fully why frog is appearing to us now. This IS the time for transformation, cleansing of anything else that is blocking your truth. Even if that is your own self. It is time to tap deeply into the creative power of the universe that lives within our womb space. That power is just waiting to be unleashed. Your true creative fire - the fire that manifests - has been dormant, perhaps for your whole life. That universe, our world, humanity, is ready for you to tap into that vein of truth, that vein of your most profound gifts.

The world is ready for you to be a frog. Are you?


Today's Shaman Earth Medicine Oracle is KOI FISH. Koi fish have long been associated with good fortune, prosperity, love and abundance. And in today's energy, the Koi is telling us that patience in our process and letting go is the path to abundance in all areas of our lives. 

Koi speaks to us today specifically about putting aside our ego and pride, in order to have more openness to the Divine. Often the ego-based needs to be right lead you to getting stuck emotionally, relationship-wise, financially or spiritually.  Koi teaches you today to release your attachment to old ways of thinking, in order to open up channeles on which the Divine can enter your heart.

The Koi message offers you true abundance and prosperity through the letting go of your entrenched beliefs. Do you want to be unhappy, lacking in deep abundance, but "right"? Or would you prefer to be joyful, peaceful and truly willing to let the Divine take the lead in your life?

True abundance in all of its forms comes to us when we let go of our way of doing things, and allow the Universe to show us a more evolved, higher vibrating, and more peaceful path. Koi teaches us how to do this with the gift of patience. The human mind has a most curious "chip" that is programmed for self-destruction due to lack of patience in Divine timing. When things aren't going according to our will, without patience, the mind creates its own path and blocks out any input from the Divine. Imagine how crazy? Blocking out the creative flow, synchronicity, power, abundance and direction of the Creator of the Universe, in favor of our own "ideas"?  

Contemplate KOI today and breathe more patience and letting go into your life. <3 Liana



Today's Shaman Oracle is the beautiful yellow canary. Canary is coming to you today to help you access your heart voice. The resonance of sound in your voice, whether singing or spoken word, carries vibrations out into the energy fields around you and the universe. Our voice can come either from the mind energy or the heart energy. Most of the time, and in most situations, people are speaking from the mind energy.

Sound is the creative force of the universe, as all of life manifested into the 3D from sound, so when we speak or sing from the mind voice we are creating more ego based structures in our world. We see clear evidence of this all around us. But when we are able to tap into our heart energy and speak or sing with heart resonance, we are manifesting with Divine energy and power in the world around us.

You will be amazed at the major transformations you will see in your world around you when you switch from mind speaking to heart speaking. 

The canary spirit animal relates directly to your throat and heart chakras and today is giving you encouragement to work with your vocal expression. Canary is offering you help so that you can practice speaking or singing out loud while connecting to your heart space. When you focus your intention on your heart chakra and visualize the canary and her power, you can feel the power that will move through you.

Since we are in conversations often throughout our day, constantly creating the world around us without even realizing it, this message from the canary is such a vital message right now. At this time so many people are living in a reactionary place, full of fear, scarcity, distrust, anger and worry. When you begin to move your voice from mind energy to heart energy, the things around you change. Speak from your heart, access your true heart voice, allow the energy to flow up from your heart into your throat BEFORE vocalizing anything - that way you will not ever be speaking from a reactionary or mind space. Call om canary today and all days to come when you need assistance connecting to the voice of your heart. <3 LIana



“There are always moments when one feels empty and estranged. Such moments are most desirable, for it means the soul has cast its moorings and is sailing for distant places. This is detachment -- when the old is over and the new has not yet come. If you are afraid, the state may be distressing, but there is really nothing to be afraid of.  Remember the instruction: Whatever you come across -- go beyond.”  Nisargadatta Maharaj

We have a powerful messenger for us here today: the condor. Condor is asking you if you are ready for rebirth, if you are ready to move upwards out of the stuck energies that so many are living in within the matrix. Even in "healing" communities today, most of what is taking place is utilizing old, dying or dead paradigms. Condor teaches us that we must truly transcend those old paradigms and expand beyond focusing on our lives as we see them today, in this one incarnation. Remember we are PRESENCE...we are souls....but most of humanity is focused on our body...our attachments who we think we are,  what our identity has become.

Condor's message reminds us as Nisgardatta so eloquently stated, that we can go beyond. We can, and will, transcend all ideas of limitations, suffering, pain and discord when we recognize our true nature. If we stay stuck in the vibration of who we are right now in "this" life, we play the games according to the rules of "this" life. But as we look around we see people suffering, everywhere. If we wish to continue clinging to our attachment to self, we are inviting a lifetime of pain, and in reality, that is in fact what many people have already experienced. The pain has become so familiar to many people that it is almost like a friend. Always there when you need comfort. Reliable. Predictable. Seeking to transcend the pain, release ourselves from attachments to anger, blame, guilt, shame, allows us to spread our wings and soar to new heights.

This can be a scary's as if we enter the birth canal and have left behind the safety of the womb, but are still in the dark. Unsure of what lies ahead, if there will be light or air or anything really, it can be a difficult transition. 

Condor brings to you today the message that peace, true abundance, joy, contentment, and the life you were meant to live will all find their way to your doorstep as soon as you commit to take flight. Once you agree to release your attachments, your definitions of who you are, you gain allies in the world of spirit, allies who lift you up and expand your light. Condor is here to help you safely travel through your rebirth.

The Inca call the condor ApuKunter, which in their language means that she has the carrier of prayers to the Gods. Condor energy guides you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Your perspective changes and you see life in a ways you never dreamed possible.  Condor will help you see see beyond current earthly rules and limitations to help you  reach your heights.

Working with condor medicine requires solitary hours in meditation, prayerful practice or ritual.



Today, in the days leading up to the most powerful full moon of the year, we have the Moth oracle messenger with a strong urge for us to continue on with our personal metamorphosis. Since the activation of very powerful energetic codes (the Lemurian Grid)  on earth back in 2015, many people have been undergoing a transformation that has been both exhilarating and challenging at the same time. The world at large has shifted dramatically, often abruptly, and there has been a significant level of uncertainty for many people. But as I share weekly in our Illuminations forecast, when you know what the energies are you can utilize them to help you bring peace, stability, and abundance even when everything around you is going crazy.

The guiding principle of moth's message for you today is this: move into your personal power by adopting the optimist's energy. Drop out of negative situations, and be cautious around people and places that are not supportive of transformation and evolution because evolution is happening and those who are trying to hide from it will be swept up in the winds of change. You put yourself at risk by remaining in energetic situations that are stagnant and unwilling to heal the shadow and move into the flow of light.

Moth is asking you to dig deeper into your faith in the love of the universe so that you can allow that love to empower your metamorphosis. Moth also asks you today to look at what stage of growth are you in? Have you just recently birthed an idea, a new path, a direction? Then you are currently in the "egg" phase. Are you already building your strong foundation to support your growth and transformation? If so then you are in the larvae stage of building. If you are already harvesting your bounty at this full moon because of all of the previous work you have been doing and healing, then you are now in the chrysalis phase, and if you are truly a new being, in a new energetic vibration with fully clear vision, and are ready to fly...then you have sprouted your wings. Whatever phase you are in right in this moment, moth asks you to stop and pause so that you can take in all of the support, love and beauty around you that has helped you get to this place.

No woman is an island as they say...and to get to where you are today required a lot of support, cooperation, and love from the universe that manifested itself for you in many ways over the past six months. Honor all of that support, and realize that to be HERE now, is a gift of enormous magnificence. From that place of gratitude and appreciation, you can confidently fly forward with the help of our messenger oracle - the moth. <3 Liana


Feathers have often be considered signs of spiritual ascension in many cultures. As beings of the sky, birds are viewed as spiritual creatures whose feathers bring messages related to your spiritual path. But in truth, there are many different meanings to finding a feather in your path based on the type of bird, timing, location the feather is found, and condition of the feather itself. 

Energetically, today's shaman oracle is feather which is coming to us with a message to lighten up, both literally and figuratively. Feather's message right now is to find joy in the seriousness and to look at any "heavy" situation with a new perspective of lightness. What is it that is troubling you? What is on your mind as a major concern right now? Bring some light hearted energy into the situation so you will be able to see more clearly. In our culture, when we hear the words "lighten up", somehow we can become agitated by that advice. We may feel that it means we are not to take something seriously, or that we need to avoid dealing with our responsibilities. Sometimes we can't possibly see how we CAN lighten up in a given situation, and the advice feels shallow and impossible.

But in the spiritual sense, lightening up is ALWAYS the best path. Creating heavy, stuck, intense seriousness in the path of something that is ALREADY serious, never helps. When we can bring in the light and lessen the heaviness of the overall energy, we create space to receive messages from the universe that help us navigate the seriousness with more ease and grace.

Lightening up means to set down the baggage for a moment, set down the oppressive nature of our ego and its mental processing, lighten our mind's attachment to the perception as it is formed right now. In order to receive new breath, new life, and clear answers to any current situation, we must create that space for a new perception to come into our vision. Whenever we are stuck in a situation that is serious and feels heavy, we need to give the old vision back to the universe while we await the new one. The new one always comes in with true guidance. 

Feather is also bringing a helpful message for you if you are in the process of making a decision that you know in your heart is right, but that may upset other people around you. If you have been spending time contemplating the emotional reactions of others, now is the time to stop. You do not have control over anyone else's reactions to what you are doing. When you are making decisions that are best and healthiest for your life, you must release attachment to the reactions of other people. Feather is bringing you the confidence to let it go, release attachment, and fly free of any belief that you are in charge of other people's happiness (or sadness).

You can easily fall into the trap of expending energy on trying to predict, control, avoid, or change the reactions of the people around you, especially if you had a parent who led you to believe that you were responsible for their happiness. Examples would be if your mom said things to you like "Mom is so happy that you made the gymnastics team", or "you've made me so proud and happy with this excellent report card", or "you're making me mad". No. No one can make your parents mad. If they were mad, that was their own emotional responsibility. If they were happy, that was their ego deriving validation from the success of their child. That's not happiness. But many people grow up believing that actually IS happiness. Those conditional expressions of approval subconsciously led you to believe that you have to do, be, act or perform a certain way to make your parents "happy" or "proud". That translates into being an adult who is seeking approval and validation from those around you and an erroneous belief that you are "making" someone happy. 

So allow feather energy to come into your space and place today and lift your heart, lighten your emotional and mental load, and create space for the Divine to bring in new breath. <3 Liana


The beautiful white owl makes her appearance as today's shaman oracle for all of us. She is the messenger of the New Moon this weekend, and she carries so much wisdom beyond what we see on the surface.

Owls are always symbols of wisdom because they are able to see what others cannot. Owls are known to be shapeshifters, going back and forth between owl and human, and are considered lunar animals as they are connected deeply to the moon.

Today owl brings to you the ability to have your questions answered. If you meditate quietly and call on white owl, she will guide you with her intuition and wisdom on some of the deepest questions of inquiry about your life that you have at this time. She comes specifically when you are at a crossroads, or a time when you feel change is here but you don't have the answers you need yet. As are all white spirit animals, white owl is an expert navigator in the darkness, so her  power and medicine can help you see your way out of a seemingly confusing situation.

Quiet is another important aspect of white owl because they are quiet and calm even when hunting. In the silence, white owl is offering you the ability to access the great mystery so that you can retrieve wisdom from the past and carry it forth into today through your own unique methods. Sit with white owl and allow her medicine to sink in as she guides you to let go of whatever is keeping you from your Divine Identity. If you hold a piece of moonstone or selenite while you are calling on white owl medicine you will be able to access a much more clear channel to white owl. <3 Liana 


As I sat at the beach, I was drawn to this vine growing from the shoreline reaching towards the ocean. I am very connected to vines in my work with the Plant Medicine Teachers, especially Grandmother Ayahuasca. In fact, in the Ayahuasca entry on Wikipedia, it explains "The word ayahuasca has been variously translated as "liana of the soul", "liana of the dead", and "spirit liana". So my name itself, has a meaning of "vine". As a little girl hearing my Italian grandmother constantly call out to me "Liana Liana Liana".... I never imagined it would be associated with my work as a plant medicine carrier decades later. 

According to 90% of the world's vines grow in the rainforest. They also state that the species of vine "includes the liana vine, one of the most recognizable plant forms in the rainforest. Liana vines are thick, woody vines that can grow as long as 3000 feet. They begin life on the forest floor as small shrubs. Unlike vines like the strangler fig which can hurt the tree or plant it is attached to, liana vines take nothing from their support system. This is because they are already rooted in the ground and are getting the nourishment they need. In some cases, the liana vines will extend towards the canopy layer and then spread from tree to tree. In some rainforests, the leaves of the liana vines make up almost 40 percent of that layer's leaf cover."

We definitely have rainforest conditions here in the tropics, and on my own property we have a magnificent vine that grows and forms a canopy over the fruit trees. Some of them have to be cut back periodically because they grow so fast. The vines in my yard are absolutely stunning and produce gorgeous yellow flowers. 

So as I sat in the sun watching this beautiful vine reach for the ocean, I tuned in to vine medicine and what its message for all of us right now is. It became crystal clear, and was in complete alignment with what all of my students and clients have been working with and through in the past few weeks. Vines bring us energy of power, growth, reaching for our highest places despite any and all obstacles and challenges. Vines teach us to reach for the sun, ALWAYS. Persistence and strength are core messages of the vine. But the other aspects of vine teach us the powerful lesson of pruning back the things in our lives which choke out our spirituality. Vines teach us the importance of balancing our growth mode with our paring-down mode. Are we trying to go too fast, grow too much or do too much and take on everything - including things that no longer feed our soul?

Are there "invasive" people in our lives? People who are draining energy from us, who are not respectful of our time and our boundaries? Vine teaches us to closely and honestly look at where we are allowing energy leaks, where we are allowing too much "crowding" of our energy, to the point that we are being choked out. In other words, where are we putting our energy? Are we directing our energy towards the things that nourish our soul, increase our insight, connect us to our purpose, enable us to bring our light out into the world? Or is our energy being diverted to places, people, things, business, activities, tasks, to do lists, social media etc.. that deplete us, crowd out our light, and weaken us to the point of overwhelm?

In the process of using vine medicine, we will have to clear away things that are choking out our light. We will have to release things, places, and people that are depleting us and draining our energy. Vine will help us prune back everything that does not nourish and feed our souls and our hearts. The wisdom of the vine is here for you today. Call upon it to help you see what needs to be cleared for you. 


Have you ever even considered that a creature like an earthworm could bring to you medicine of the earth in its message? On the path of the shaman, everything is a true message when you are listening. For today's oracle I went into meditation to receive what the oracle messenger for us all today. I saw earthworms in a garden and wrote down a few thoughts. Then I went outside with my son and my dog, and an earthworm literally "jumped". I have never seen an earthworm do that. It was squirming around at first going in a certain direction and then the front of its body literally jumped and shifted its direction slightly.

The worm reminded me of when I was a teenager and I went fishing for the first time ever with my then boyfriend. We had a bucket of worms, which I was not a big fan of. They were way too mobile for my liking at the time and they were "gross", or so I thought. I could not get myself to hook one on to the hook, so my boyfriend did it for me.

I put the line in the water and almost immediately caught a fish. It was a sunfish and it was so colorful and beautiful. I saw it struggle with the hook in its mouth trying to get free, and I immediately burst into tears. I wasn't vegan at the time and was eating fish just like everyone else in my family, so I was rather shocked by my reaction. But I was crying, from deep within my heart, I felt so sorry for what I had done and for hurting this creature for no reason. My boyfriend quickly realized my distress and unhooked the fish and threw it back in and it swam away. That was my last encounter with fishing. But, I still wasn't able to see the value in the earthworm. I had judgments about it. It was ugly, squirmy, slimy, and it was not pretty to me. So on that basis of human ignorance and arrogance, I didn't feel any sorrow for the worm as IT struggled on the hook. 

So almost 30 years later, earthworm comes to me as today's oracle and jumps out to greet me. This whole memory popped up and I contemplated how profound and sacred all of life is. Every tree, every blade of grass, every earthworm, every bug.... We will one day in the not too distant future be food for those earthworms we may have deemed lowly and ugly.... we will be consumed by them as our earthly bodies disintegrate into the dirt. As we become them, and they become us. A powerful reminder of our true interconnectedness on this planet.

The earthworm is a hermaphrodite, possessing both male and female organs, providing us with a message of fertility. This can mean either literal fertility or it can mean fertility of the "gardens" in your life - your work, your writing, your art, your creativity, your relationships. Earthworm asks us to nurture and aerate the gardens in our lives, as earthworm aerates the soil that it moves through, creating better soil in which plants can grow. This teaches us that when we take the time to nurture and infused our own gardens with oxygen, love and light, we will reap many rich plants.

The earthworm both takes nourishment from the earth, and gives back to it, signalling us to do the same. Take a look at your daily life, are you interacting with Mother Earth and giving her back some of the love you are receiving from her daily that is keeping you alive? Every morsel of food you consume comes to you from her bounty, are you respecting all of her creation and nourishing her when and how you can? Symbiosis is a powerful message of the earthworm, because we cannot continue to take and take, without giving anything in return. That is true in our friendships, our intimate relationships, our work, our health, and our coexistence on this magnificent planet. 

Another powerful theme for earthworm is this: it is time for you to get dirty. If you have been avoiding doing the real work, the tough stuff that no one wants to do, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to it. You will know exactly what it is that you are still avoiding. Get into the dirt and don't be afraid of your emotions. If you don't deal with it now, your garden will flood and you will eventually be overwhelmed by the emotional waters you have been trying to keep down. <3 Liana



Today's Shaman Medicine Oracle message from the earth comes to us from the Celestite crystal. This messenger came to me in meditation today, and I went in search of my celestite geode. I held it in my hands for a few minutes to receive the message meant for everyone today.

Celestite is known as a consciousness raising crystal that can help us connect with our own light, and to gain clarity in our meditations. It is also a great crystal for purifying and cleansing your environment, especially if used along with burning vetiver or sage sticks. It is a beautiful stone to use if you are a writer or speaker, because it works on the crown chakra as well as the throat chakra. So, if you are holding the stone while meditating or journeying, focusing your energy on your throat and crown chakras, you will have a much easier time gaining clarity of both thought and speech. The energies of celestite truly help you separate the non-essential from the essential. 

There are many uses and ways to work with celestite as a guide, however today's specific message for you is to stop, take a deep breath, and connect with your crown chakra. Focus on energy streaming in from the causal plane, pure white light, beaming in to your crown to burn up and clear out anything that is "cluttering" your true spiritual connection. Focus intently on the purity of Christ Consciousness and ask that any disharmonious vibrations be removed from your crown chakra, and to sweep out any debris. This is important. Just like the floors at home collect dust and dirt, and thus, must be cleaned on a regular basis, so must your chakras. When you go about your day, especially if you are not engaging in regular energy practices to keep your boundaries sealed and tight, you will collect "dust" and "debris" from the energies of others around you - both seen and unseen.

This is an incredibly important time to focus on remaining clear, clean and cleansed of psychic, emotional, and energetic debris. You do not want anything clouding your vision. There are many energies trying to pull you from your spiritual path, your path to ascension, and away from total and unconditional self-love. Celestite is your friend and your messenger today. If you have a small piece at home, I highly recommend using it. If you do not, of course you could always get one, but you can also look at the photo I posted and concentrate intently on asking for support and help from this beautiful crystal. Have a beautiful day. <3 Liana


Today's shaman medicine oracle is mama whale. Whale medicine is so deep, so vast, so profound, that I could easily write 60 pages without stopping....I have been deeply immersed in whale medicine ever since moving to Hawaii 14 years ago. Every winter when the humpbacks swim our way in the islands, they bless us with their wisdom, grace and love. They are record-keepers. They are both "asleep" and awake, as they never fully go to sleep like humans do. Whales communicate over vast ocean distances with low frequency sounds.

So, you can imagine, whales can offer us many different messages at any time. However, in today's meditation, mama whale was very specific in what she wanted to share with my readers today. And it is the message to take a breath. A really deep and gentle inhale. Literally, and figuratively. You've been doing a lot. You've been healing. You have been putting yourself under pressure to shift and grow and learn. And that is beautiful. But everyone needs to come up for air. You need to come up for air. Breathe and float. Respect your body's need for relaxation. Take a break from your intensity. It's ok...the work will still be there when you come back. Add air into your life. 

In the moments when you are breathing deep, you are allowing your energy body to readjust to all of your evolution. You are still when you are breathing deep. You are surrendered when you are inhaling. You are taking in, receptive, allowing. Be there more. Especially right now. Love and Breath to you all <3 Liana


Unicorn teaches us about being open to the INFINITE possibilities all around us.

Think about it. How often do you block the Universe from bringing you beauty, joy, love and abundance? At first thought, you might feel like you don't really block yourself. Or, you may see yourself doing it from time to time, but not often. But for most people, blocking happens on a daily occurrence. Let me give you an example. Recently while talking with a friend, we were talking about her scouting out locations for her wedding. She said to me, "well, it's either my parents come through with money to help me pay for my dream location, or Brian and I will have to settle on something way cheaper." To her, that was her version of "reality", coming from the blocked consciousness that we learn in the Matrix paradigm of "either or",

But in ACTUAL reality, her statement was false because there are INFINITE possibilities around us, most of which that we don't see. One would be, money would come to her from another unidentified source. Another would be that her dream venue would offer her a discount if she asked. Another would be that something even better would appear. But by confining not only her perception of reality, but only allowing two possibilities out of endless possibilities, she is effectively telling the Universe "NO THANK YOU! I have the only two options here, don't deliver anything else to me please."   

Unicorn energy reminds us that there is so much outside of our heavy programming that is light, joyful, abundant, fun, prosperous, and magnificent. Just because we can't see it does not mean it is not right in front of us ready to explode into our world with love! Unicorn today is bringing you the message of tapping into the INFINITE, stop limiting yourself, and calling on Unicorn energy when you need a big boost of success and mystical joy!


Aloha Beautiful People! The Shaman Oracle for you today is DEER, and she is here for everyone. She appears to us today with the wisdom of knowing how to kick things into gear and move forward. Have you been standing still in any area of your life? Procrastinating? Holding yourself back in your gifts, your ideas, or even where you physically live? It is both literally and figuratively "time to move"? 

Deer move often and teach us to continually seek new inspiration from leaving behind our safety net. Brand new vistas and horizons await you and the only way you are going to get there is to leap forward...the new vistas don't show up on the doorstep of your protective safety zone.

This message is particularly powerful at this time, in the second half of a very powerful YEAR ONE (in your nine year cycle), right after the full moon. For those of you who listen to Illuminations each week, you already know this is a MASSIVE week of inspiration but there are actual steps we need to take to have that happen. Remember, Shaman Oracles and animal messengers can carry many meanings, depending on the time of year, the day, the energy of the planet and the you may have encountered deer medicine in the past but this message of moving ahead is the most vital one at THIS time.

The deer also brings you a vital message to be gentle with yourself, release self judgment and blame. I know we hear that a lot and sometimes it is interpreted as letting ourselves off the hook. No. Accountability for our choices shows up at our doorstep in the way of consequences, and that's part of our energetic karma. Every choice we make, every word we speak, has an energetic counterpart - a consequence. For every action, there IS most definitely a reaction somewhere in the universe that finds its way back to us. And of course the sooner we own what our choices have created (both positive and negative), the sooner we create more of the life we actually want.

But the message to be gentle with yourself is that in your healing process, in your growth, as you uncover parts of your shadow, it is so important never to beat yourself up. What is done has already been done. You can learn from your past choices in terms of what worked for you and what did not, what was loving towards yourself and others, and what was unloving towards yourself and others, but as you process your wounds and your healing, stay away from harsh criticisms of yourself. Being gentle with yourself means understanding that there are reasons, life circumstances, woundings, traumas, that led you to make the choices you have made. Whenever you come upon actions or choices you made that were unloving to yourself or others, that is where you apply the medicine of love. Love for yourself without the blame and harsh criticisms. The voice of the critic that has blame and judgment on its agenda is a culmination of voices you actually heard - your mother, your father, your grandparents, your pastor, your teachers, your siblings, etc... those voices need to be extinguished.

Deer is here to encourage you to approach yourself with gentleness, even when covering rough terrain. You gain steady footing on your path forward by bringing love, peace, and the quality of gentleness to your journey. Have a beautiful day. <3 Liana


Seahorse comes to you today with a message of patience, contentment and happiness where you are at now, while keeping an eye on the future. Seahorses in their movement in the ocean, don't speed ahead, yet they reach their destination in perfect timing. The important message specifically for right now is that, it is ok to move forward in the direction of your goals as long as you are not stuck or inflexible in the ways you move towards them. Seahorse energy helps you tap into the flow around you to pick up the messages in the currents around you so you can gain a better perspective. 

Are there any areas in your life that you are being stubborn, obstinate, avoiding your own heart? If yes, seahorse is asking you to take a look at those areas now.

Seahorse can also alert you that a time to make a move is imminent. A move can be either physical or symbolic, but if you have been procrastinating with something in order to "stay safe" or in the safety zone, now is the time to let go and release yourself from the stuck energy.

The seahorse has an interesting connection to Greek lore, in that the Greeks used to call seahorses "hippocampus" (horse sea monster). Interestingly, the hippocampus in the brain is the part of the brain that deals with memory. So in a spiritual sense, the seahorse is the keeper of our memory, of our akashic record. in this sense, the seahorse helps guide us through difficult "weather" in our lives to escort us to safety. 

The fatherhood aspect of seahorses is also prominent as male seahorses birth their young. This aspect brings you a message if you have been having issues in finding conscious partnership, or if you find difficulty communicating between male and female. Call on seahorse energy today to help give you the courage to relax, remain flexible, and get a clear glimpse into your stuck areas. <3 Liana


Bamboo by Liana Shanti

Bamboo, a type of grass, is the fastest growing plant in the world. It is also incredibly diverse. The shaved young shoots, the resin (both fluid and dried), and the leaves all have medicinal value. Tabasheer is one of the main substances from bamboo that is used in both Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicine; it is often called bamboo-manna. Although bamboo is technically a type of grass, it is used in so many applications in place of wood, including furniture and flooring.

The Bamboo Spirit Medicine tells us to be flexible yet rooted. I have a giant bamboo "tree" on my property that amazes me with its ability to bend so far during high tradewinds. I sit and listen to the creeking, the stalks moving, the leaves blowing, and watch how they reach out to all of the flora and fauna around them. Make no mistake though, bamboo is incredibly strong, even while swaying easily in the breeze. Bamboo has a solid core, a strong foundation, and is deeply rooted. Bamboo never fights against the wind, or asserts it's rigidity against the forces around it. Bamboo understands intuitively that no matter what blows through, she will still be standing tall, strong and beautiful. Eventually, even the strongest of winds loses its steam. 

Today bamboo is telling you to go with the flow, while retaining your rootedness and your strength. Bending and being flexible never means losing your footing, losing your sense of connection or losing who you are. Be firm and strong, so that no-thing can knock you down. And, if you are blown over so far that it looks like you are toppling, remember, you will bounce back up soon. Ground yourself in something real, lasting, solid, permanent and powerful like the earth herself. <3 Liana