“There are always moments when one feels empty and estranged. Such moments are most desirable, for it means the soul has cast its moorings and is sailing for distant places. This is detachment -- when the old is over and the new has not yet come. If you are afraid, the state may be distressing, but there is really nothing to be afraid of.  Remember the instruction: Whatever you come across -- go beyond.”  Nisargadatta Maharaj

We have a powerful messenger for us here today: the condor. Condor is asking you if you are ready for rebirth, if you are ready to move upwards out of the stuck energies that so many are living in within the matrix. Even in "healing" communities today, most of what is taking place is utilizing old, dying or dead paradigms. Condor teaches us that we must truly transcend those old paradigms and expand beyond focusing on our lives as we see them today, in this one incarnation. Remember we are PRESENCE...we are souls....but most of humanity is focused on our body...our attachments who we think we are,  what our identity has become.

Condor's message reminds us as Nisgardatta so eloquently stated, that we can go beyond. We can, and will, transcend all ideas of limitations, suffering, pain and discord when we recognize our true nature. If we stay stuck in the vibration of who we are right now in "this" life, we play the games according to the rules of "this" life. But as we look around we see people suffering, everywhere. If we wish to continue clinging to our attachment to self, we are inviting a lifetime of pain, and in reality, that is in fact what many people have already experienced. The pain has become so familiar to many people that it is almost like a friend. Always there when you need comfort. Reliable. Predictable. Seeking to transcend the pain, release ourselves from attachments to anger, blame, guilt, shame, allows us to spread our wings and soar to new heights.

This can be a scary's as if we enter the birth canal and have left behind the safety of the womb, but are still in the dark. Unsure of what lies ahead, if there will be light or air or anything really, it can be a difficult transition. 

Condor brings to you today the message that peace, true abundance, joy, contentment, and the life you were meant to live will all find their way to your doorstep as soon as you commit to take flight. Once you agree to release your attachments, your definitions of who you are, you gain allies in the world of spirit, allies who lift you up and expand your light. Condor is here to help you safely travel through your rebirth.

The Inca call the condor ApuKunter, which in their language means that she has the carrier of prayers to the Gods. Condor energy guides you to unexpected new heights of awareness. Your perspective changes and you see life in a ways you never dreamed possible.  Condor will help you see see beyond current earthly rules and limitations to help you  reach your heights.

Working with condor medicine requires solitary hours in meditation, prayerful practice or ritual.