Aloha Beautiful People! The Shaman Oracle for you today is DEER, and she is here for everyone. She appears to us today with the wisdom of knowing how to kick things into gear and move forward. Have you been standing still in any area of your life? Procrastinating? Holding yourself back in your gifts, your ideas, or even where you physically live? It is both literally and figuratively "time to move"? 

Deer move often and teach us to continually seek new inspiration from leaving behind our safety net. Brand new vistas and horizons await you and the only way you are going to get there is to leap forward...the new vistas don't show up on the doorstep of your protective safety zone.

This message is particularly powerful at this time, in the second half of a very powerful YEAR ONE (in your nine year cycle), right after the full moon. For those of you who listen to Illuminations each week, you already know this is a MASSIVE week of inspiration but there are actual steps we need to take to have that happen. Remember, Shaman Oracles and animal messengers can carry many meanings, depending on the time of year, the day, the energy of the planet and the you may have encountered deer medicine in the past but this message of moving ahead is the most vital one at THIS time.

The deer also brings you a vital message to be gentle with yourself, release self judgment and blame. I know we hear that a lot and sometimes it is interpreted as letting ourselves off the hook. No. Accountability for our choices shows up at our doorstep in the way of consequences, and that's part of our energetic karma. Every choice we make, every word we speak, has an energetic counterpart - a consequence. For every action, there IS most definitely a reaction somewhere in the universe that finds its way back to us. And of course the sooner we own what our choices have created (both positive and negative), the sooner we create more of the life we actually want.

But the message to be gentle with yourself is that in your healing process, in your growth, as you uncover parts of your shadow, it is so important never to beat yourself up. What is done has already been done. You can learn from your past choices in terms of what worked for you and what did not, what was loving towards yourself and others, and what was unloving towards yourself and others, but as you process your wounds and your healing, stay away from harsh criticisms of yourself. Being gentle with yourself means understanding that there are reasons, life circumstances, woundings, traumas, that led you to make the choices you have made. Whenever you come upon actions or choices you made that were unloving to yourself or others, that is where you apply the medicine of love. Love for yourself without the blame and harsh criticisms. The voice of the critic that has blame and judgment on its agenda is a culmination of voices you actually heard - your mother, your father, your grandparents, your pastor, your teachers, your siblings, etc... those voices need to be extinguished.

Deer is here to encourage you to approach yourself with gentleness, even when covering rough terrain. You gain steady footing on your path forward by bringing love, peace, and the quality of gentleness to your journey. Have a beautiful day. <3 Liana