Today's Shaman Oracle is the amazing frog. I have always had a liking for frogs ever since I was a little girl. I remember just watching the pond with tadpoles, soon becoming frogs, their metamorphosis totally fascinating me. Metamorphosis has been a huge theme for many people in my groups lately, as they have been doing a lot of healing work and it is now their time to move into their "new form". I recently completed a painting for a friend called "Metamorphose", and today, in my creative flow, a frog appeared on my large unicorn canvas that I started back in May. (Work in Progress in photo above :) )  I wondered why there was delay in continuing on with that painting at that time, and now it is crystal clear. During the process of metamorphosis timing is everything. During the process of metamorphosis, the frog (and the human) is at its most vulnerable. Most of the changes are happening beneath the surface and then one day, sometimes without even realizing it, you are NEW. 

Last week I finished another round of Life Path Manifesting with a group of truly great women, a program that has been running for over two years now! It has led to the most profound changes in my own life, but also in many of the lives of those who participate in the program. I have seen so many transformations over the past two years, transformations that required commitment to self love, joy and authenticity.  I have seen people tap deep into their wounds, focus on healing them, remove layers of conditioning from society, schooling, and limiting beliefs, and fully blossom into their truth. These amazing women have courageously stepped away from soul-sucking jobs, passionless, stifling and oppressive relationships, and self-harming behaviors that they had been destroying their spirit with for a long time. 

During that process things can be messy. To an outsider, they may perceive that things have gone downhill. That is because to an outsider who themselves is stuck in homeostasis, status quo, fearful of transforming themselves, they see the falling apart as a threat. They see the crumbling of the "old person" as a disaster. They don't have the vision to see that there is always a cleansing, a detoxing, a clearing of negative paradigms, beliefs, habits, and energy that proceeds any metamorphosis. And that is the reason why for some people, metamorphosis never happens in a lifetime. 

Not all tadpoles make it to their higher selves, and they die, as tadpoles. 

In the frog's process it begins as an egg that quickly develops into a tadpole. Tadpoles live entirely under water. At some point a hormone in the tadpole’s thyroid gland initiates metamorphosis. So if you think of yourself, the tadpole stage is where you are underwater. You are NOT your highest form yet (clearly) you are underneath the water with all of the other tadpoles. To an outsider this may seem ideal. You are safe. You can live under water. Why on earth would you want to change that?

Over about a 24 hour period the tadpole develops into a frog. This is a massive shift because every single organ has to change so that the tadpole can go from living underwater to living on land as an adult frog. Think about that - EVERY. SINGLE. ORGAN. Changed. This is a stage that as a human, you would be undergoing serious deep wound work, shadow work, and clearing away the heaviest parts of your past that you have carried for eons. Releasing and cleansing, clearing up the lenses of perception, walking away from old dogma, old patterns, old friend groups that are stuck in lower vibrations. This period is heavy.

Next, the frog develops hind legs followed by front legs, as the tail begins to disappear. The skull made of cartilage as a tadpole, begins to get replaced by actual bone. This is the phase as a human, where you start to get a feel for your new legs, your new mindset, your new potential future. You are not there yet. It is still a little scary. You are not sure if it is too late to go back to being a tadpole. Not that you really want to, you just feel out at sea without direction. But you are getting there. 

The tadpole is then a froglet, and the gills have disappeared. Imagine yourself at the froglet stage, if your tadpole friends see your gills totally gone, what will they think? They will be scared for you, but more important, they will be scared for themselves. You are no longer the you that they have come to feel comfortable with. They can't control you or your process, and they wonder, what will happen to me? They see that the gills that allowed you to live underwater are gone, so they assume you won't be able to breathe. But what they can't see from their limited viewpoint is that underneath it all, lungs have been developing. Powerful lungs that will enable you to breathe air and walk out onto land to live as your full adult self. They see that your teeth, used to tear up plants, are also now gone. They fear you will starve. But what they don't see is that strong tongue muscles are developing that will make bug catching effortless. Those tadpoles themselves have had moments of deep heart messages from the universe, cuing them in to KNOW that many of the things in their lives are inconsistent with their authentic self. But they would rather die a tadpole.

So when frog appeared today on the canvas, I tuned in deeply to its message for us all, and I understood fully why frog is appearing to us now. This IS the time for transformation, cleansing of anything else that is blocking your truth. Even if that is your own self. It is time to tap deeply into the creative power of the universe that lives within our womb space. That power is just waiting to be unleashed. Your true creative fire - the fire that manifests - has been dormant, perhaps for your whole life. That universe, our world, humanity, is ready for you to tap into that vein of truth, that vein of your most profound gifts.

The world is ready for you to be a frog. Are you?