Today's Shaman Earth Medicine Oracle is KOI FISH. Koi fish have long been associated with good fortune, prosperity, love and abundance. And in today's energy, the Koi is telling us that patience in our process and letting go is the path to abundance in all areas of our lives. 

Koi speaks to us today specifically about putting aside our ego and pride, in order to have more openness to the Divine. Often the ego-based needs to be right lead you to getting stuck emotionally, relationship-wise, financially or spiritually.  Koi teaches you today to release your attachment to old ways of thinking, in order to open up channeles on which the Divine can enter your heart.

The Koi message offers you true abundance and prosperity through the letting go of your entrenched beliefs. Do you want to be unhappy, lacking in deep abundance, but "right"? Or would you prefer to be joyful, peaceful and truly willing to let the Divine take the lead in your life?

True abundance in all of its forms comes to us when we let go of our way of doing things, and allow the Universe to show us a more evolved, higher vibrating, and more peaceful path. Koi teaches us how to do this with the gift of patience. The human mind has a most curious "chip" that is programmed for self-destruction due to lack of patience in Divine timing. When things aren't going according to our will, without patience, the mind creates its own path and blocks out any input from the Divine. Imagine how crazy? Blocking out the creative flow, synchronicity, power, abundance and direction of the Creator of the Universe, in favor of our own "ideas"?  

Contemplate KOI today and breathe more patience and letting go into your life. <3 Liana