Today, in the days leading up to the most powerful full moon of the year, we have the Moth oracle messenger with a strong urge for us to continue on with our personal metamorphosis. Since the activation of very powerful energetic codes (the Lemurian Grid)  on earth back in 2015, many people have been undergoing a transformation that has been both exhilarating and challenging at the same time. The world at large has shifted dramatically, often abruptly, and there has been a significant level of uncertainty for many people. But as I share weekly in our Illuminations forecast, when you know what the energies are you can utilize them to help you bring peace, stability, and abundance even when everything around you is going crazy.

The guiding principle of moth's message for you today is this: move into your personal power by adopting the optimist's energy. Drop out of negative situations, and be cautious around people and places that are not supportive of transformation and evolution because evolution is happening and those who are trying to hide from it will be swept up in the winds of change. You put yourself at risk by remaining in energetic situations that are stagnant and unwilling to heal the shadow and move into the flow of light.

Moth is asking you to dig deeper into your faith in the love of the universe so that you can allow that love to empower your metamorphosis. Moth also asks you today to look at what stage of growth are you in? Have you just recently birthed an idea, a new path, a direction? Then you are currently in the "egg" phase. Are you already building your strong foundation to support your growth and transformation? If so then you are in the larvae stage of building. If you are already harvesting your bounty at this full moon because of all of the previous work you have been doing and healing, then you are now in the chrysalis phase, and if you are truly a new being, in a new energetic vibration with fully clear vision, and are ready to fly...then you have sprouted your wings. Whatever phase you are in right in this moment, moth asks you to stop and pause so that you can take in all of the support, love and beauty around you that has helped you get to this place.

No woman is an island as they say...and to get to where you are today required a lot of support, cooperation, and love from the universe that manifested itself for you in many ways over the past six months. Honor all of that support, and realize that to be HERE now, is a gift of enormous magnificence. From that place of gratitude and appreciation, you can confidently fly forward with the help of our messenger oracle - the moth. <3 Liana