Octopuses are among the most clever and intelligent creatures in the animal world. They possess a remarkably well-developed brain and nervous system, and they have extraordinary vision. Octopuses can distinguish different colors by their light sensitivities. Their eyes can also adapt to rapid changes in light as they move from deeper depths to the surface.

Octopuses are invertebrates, meaning that they do not have a structured spinal column. As a result, they are able to slip in and out of very tight places, literally disappearing from sight as though by magic. Their remarkable fluidity of motion is symbolic of agility, grace and flexibility. Octopus teaches us that we may move towards our goals in unorthodox ways to achieve our desired (or better) results. She also reminds us to loosen up, relax, and go with the flow.

The octopus can detach any of her 8 limbs at will to distract predators. Like the octopus, we have the ability to release distractions, emotional baggage, or old patterns from our lives. We can lighten our load and free our energy to use in exciting, productive ways to achieve our highest good.

The octopus is able to regenerate her discarded limbs. This ability reminds us that even as we release old ways of being from our lives, our essence is never lost to us. Our experiences give shape to our personality as we proceed along our path in life. We are the sum of our experiences, including those parts we decide to consciously set aside. We achieve a greater state of health and wholeness by accepting all aspects of ourselves as we implement newly refined ways of being.