If there is a misunderstood animal in the world of animal guides, Raven is probably it. The jet black color of the Raven, coupled with its use in macabre poetry (think Edgar Alan Poe)  and film, has led many in the West to fear the appearance of this magnificent bird. But to indigenous cultures and in the shamanic traditions, the Raven is a messenger from the void, bringing forth new information from the Great Mystery to help you embrace your true potential. 

Raven is here at this time of the powerful eclipse season to share with you that the magic and the wisdom in the earth herself is accessible to you. The magic inherent in the world around us is only hidden when we refuse to see our partnership with all of creation. When we become arrogant and superior in our beliefs about the natural world, the natural world retreats from us and we are no longer connected and receiving magic. Once we are connected to the energy of the earth and her wisdom, we begin to receive great insight into our rue potential as humans.

In Celtic lore, the Raven is connected with the Goddess Morrigan, who was a prophetess. Ravens are of such high intelligence that they can be trained to speak, which is one reason why they are revered as the ultimate oracle. In Roman culture, the Raven was considered a solar animal (despite its black feathers) and was associated with the Gods Athena and Apollo, both deities closely affiliated with the sun and the light of wisdom. Many Native North American tribes revered the Raven as a light-bringer, with the Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni teaching that the Raven came out of the womb of the cosmos and brought the light of the sun, without which, humans would have forever lived in darkness. In the Old Testament, the Raven is the first bird Noah sent to look for land, and Elijah is described as being provided for by Ravens. Ravens are are used as a symbol of God's providence in both the New Testament and in Christian art.

Raven's key message for you right now is, make the changes within yourself that need to be made, so that you can walk effortlessly into your true potential. Listen carefully, as Raven is a known bender of both time and space, and can assist you in being in exactly the right place at the right time. Whenever Raven appears, amazing magical experiences are on the near horizon. Use this wisdom throughout this period of the eclipses to help illuminate the new roads you are about to embark on. Blessings to you all. <3 Liana