Unicorn teaches us about being open to the INFINITE possibilities all around us.

Think about it. How often do you block the Universe from bringing you beauty, joy, love and abundance? At first thought, you might feel like you don't really block yourself. Or, you may see yourself doing it from time to time, but not often. But for most people, blocking happens on a daily occurrence. Let me give you an example. Recently while talking with a friend, we were talking about her scouting out locations for her wedding. She said to me, "well, it's either my parents come through with money to help me pay for my dream location, or Brian and I will have to settle on something way cheaper." To her, that was her version of "reality", coming from the blocked consciousness that we learn in the Matrix paradigm of "either or",

But in ACTUAL reality, her statement was false because there are INFINITE possibilities around us, most of which that we don't see. One would be, money would come to her from another unidentified source. Another would be that her dream venue would offer her a discount if she asked. Another would be that something even better would appear. But by confining not only her perception of reality, but only allowing two possibilities out of endless possibilities, she is effectively telling the Universe "NO THANK YOU! I have the only two options here, don't deliver anything else to me please."   

Unicorn energy reminds us that there is so much outside of our heavy programming that is light, joyful, abundant, fun, prosperous, and magnificent. Just because we can't see it does not mean it is not right in front of us ready to explode into our world with love! Unicorn today is bringing you the message of tapping into the INFINITE, stop limiting yourself, and calling on Unicorn energy when you need a big boost of success and mystical joy!