Today's shaman medicine oracle is mama whale. Whale medicine is so deep, so vast, so profound, that I could easily write 60 pages without stopping....I have been deeply immersed in whale medicine ever since moving to Hawaii 14 years ago. Every winter when the humpbacks swim our way in the islands, they bless us with their wisdom, grace and love. They are record-keepers. They are both "asleep" and awake, as they never fully go to sleep like humans do. Whales communicate over vast ocean distances with low frequency sounds.

So, you can imagine, whales can offer us many different messages at any time. However, in today's meditation, mama whale was very specific in what she wanted to share with my readers today. And it is the message to take a breath. A really deep and gentle inhale. Literally, and figuratively. You've been doing a lot. You've been healing. You have been putting yourself under pressure to shift and grow and learn. And that is beautiful. But everyone needs to come up for air. You need to come up for air. Breathe and float. Respect your body's need for relaxation. Take a break from your intensity. It's ok...the work will still be there when you come back. Add air into your life. 

In the moments when you are breathing deep, you are allowing your energy body to readjust to all of your evolution. You are still when you are breathing deep. You are surrendered when you are inhaling. You are taking in, receptive, allowing. Be there more. Especially right now. Love and Breath to you all <3 Liana