As I sat at the beach, I was drawn to this vine growing from the shoreline reaching towards the ocean. I am very connected to vines in my work with the Plant Medicine Teachers, especially Grandmother Ayahuasca. In fact, in the Ayahuasca entry on Wikipedia, it explains "The word ayahuasca has been variously translated as "liana of the soul", "liana of the dead", and "spirit liana". So my name itself, has a meaning of "vine". As a little girl hearing my Italian grandmother constantly call out to me "Liana Liana Liana".... I never imagined it would be associated with my work as a plant medicine carrier decades later. 

According to 90% of the world's vines grow in the rainforest. They also state that the species of vine "includes the liana vine, one of the most recognizable plant forms in the rainforest. Liana vines are thick, woody vines that can grow as long as 3000 feet. They begin life on the forest floor as small shrubs. Unlike vines like the strangler fig which can hurt the tree or plant it is attached to, liana vines take nothing from their support system. This is because they are already rooted in the ground and are getting the nourishment they need. In some cases, the liana vines will extend towards the canopy layer and then spread from tree to tree. In some rainforests, the leaves of the liana vines make up almost 40 percent of that layer's leaf cover."

We definitely have rainforest conditions here in the tropics, and on my own property we have a magnificent vine that grows and forms a canopy over the fruit trees. Some of them have to be cut back periodically because they grow so fast. The vines in my yard are absolutely stunning and produce gorgeous yellow flowers. 

So as I sat in the sun watching this beautiful vine reach for the ocean, I tuned in to vine medicine and what its message for all of us right now is. It became crystal clear, and was in complete alignment with what all of my students and clients have been working with and through in the past few weeks. Vines bring us energy of power, growth, reaching for our highest places despite any and all obstacles and challenges. Vines teach us to reach for the sun, ALWAYS. Persistence and strength are core messages of the vine. But the other aspects of vine teach us the powerful lesson of pruning back the things in our lives which choke out our spirituality. Vines teach us the importance of balancing our growth mode with our paring-down mode. Are we trying to go too fast, grow too much or do too much and take on everything - including things that no longer feed our soul?

Are there "invasive" people in our lives? People who are draining energy from us, who are not respectful of our time and our boundaries? Vine teaches us to closely and honestly look at where we are allowing energy leaks, where we are allowing too much "crowding" of our energy, to the point that we are being choked out. In other words, where are we putting our energy? Are we directing our energy towards the things that nourish our soul, increase our insight, connect us to our purpose, enable us to bring our light out into the world? Or is our energy being diverted to places, people, things, business, activities, tasks, to do lists, social media etc.. that deplete us, crowd out our light, and weaken us to the point of overwhelm?

In the process of using vine medicine, we will have to clear away things that are choking out our light. We will have to release things, places, and people that are depleting us and draining our energy. Vine will help us prune back everything that does not nourish and feed our souls and our hearts. The wisdom of the vine is here for you today. Call upon it to help you see what needs to be cleared for you.