The lion, as we all know, is the King of the Jungle and is assured of its own power. The reason white lion is coming to us today as a powerful animal totem is because he is letting us know that it is time to release the anger that has been bottled up since childhood. When we are children, especially in the first seven years of our lives, we are confronted with many situations that force us to be quiet, sit still, ignore our own desires, ignore our own truth, ignore and repress our emotions. Most children learn quickly that if they express anger, one or both parents will be upset. For many children expressing anger means reprimand or even physical violence in the form of spanking from the adults around them.

Over time, this constant repression by parents and other adults around us, forces the authentic self to go into hiding. By the time we reach adulthood, we are fully "broken" - like a lion in a circus - to keep our authentic self hidden and to instead live our lives full of pretense, making sure we go along with the adult program. In the fake adult world, we are all just children in adult bodies. We still have the same desire for joy, fun, play and deep authenticity...but rarely if ever does it emerge. So as a result, anger builds up. But the thing is, the anger isn't really safe as an adult either. But it doesn't leave just because we ignore it. It festers, it creates distortions in our DNA, and in our energy body.

The first major step in unearthing and reclaiming your authentic self is to release the hidden and repressed anger that you have been in denial about. The anger you may not even realize is there. Tap into it by breathing deep, take yourself back to early childhood, and recall instances where you were told that your ideas were silly, that you needed to be "serious", that you needed to "behave" and that you needed to do something else that an unhealed adult told you to do. It is so important to realize that the majority of adults raising children (including the ones that raised you) were not fully healed, and thus the parenting was through the lens of their own wounds. You do have the power to clear that imprinting now, and white lion is here to help you. Call on the energy of the white lion to assist you in this process, and you will feel the calming powerful presence he brings. <3 Liana