The beautiful white owl makes her appearance as today's shaman oracle for all of us. She is the messenger of the New Moon this weekend, and she carries so much wisdom beyond what we see on the surface.

Owls are always symbols of wisdom because they are able to see what others cannot. Owls are known to be shapeshifters, going back and forth between owl and human, and are considered lunar animals as they are connected deeply to the moon.

Today owl brings to you the ability to have your questions answered. If you meditate quietly and call on white owl, she will guide you with her intuition and wisdom on some of the deepest questions of inquiry about your life that you have at this time. She comes specifically when you are at a crossroads, or a time when you feel change is here but you don't have the answers you need yet. As are all white spirit animals, white owl is an expert navigator in the darkness, so her  power and medicine can help you see your way out of a seemingly confusing situation.

Quiet is another important aspect of white owl because they are quiet and calm even when hunting. In the silence, white owl is offering you the ability to access the great mystery so that you can retrieve wisdom from the past and carry it forth into today through your own unique methods. Sit with white owl and allow her medicine to sink in as she guides you to let go of whatever is keeping you from your Divine Identity. If you hold a piece of moonstone or selenite while you are calling on white owl medicine you will be able to access a much more clear channel to white owl. <3 Liana